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Hello and welcome to this new photography group based in the DFW area! This group is for photographers of all experience levels who are interested in working with models to improve, practice, and develop their skills in shooting.

A big focus of the group is based on what experienced models can offer a photographer— tips on posing, body positions, facial expressions, working with the environment, and communication with models. There are also useful techniques to learn that may differ when working with a client versus a model, and knowing the difference is crucial if your goal is to turn your photography into a business.

Lastly, shooting with a model is just a lot of fun! Not only will you get insight as to what goes on in the mind of a model...but you also will capture beautiful images to add to your portfolio!

Past events (28)

Charity Photowalk w/ Multiple Models- Hope is on the Horizon

Needs a location

Bikini Goddess by the Water w/ Katarina - $45

Needs a location

Dancing in Colored Powder and Bubbles- $55

Needs a location

Two for One ($50): Belly Dancers Theme w Rosanna and Angela

Needs a location

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