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Are you a student of New Testament or Koine Greek and would like to keep or improve your Koine Greek language skills by reading and translating Greek New Testament, Apocryphal or Early Church texts? If so, ἐὰν θέλεις, ἐλθὲ μεθ' ἡμῶν and come join us at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Downtown Fort Worth.

Though the founding members of the group are primarily traditional Anglican, anyone from any denomination (or no denomination) who has studied Koine Greek in the past and considers themselves anywhere from rusty intermediate to expert reader are welcome to come. We will start with the books and epistles of the New Testament, but, also, with input of the group that develops, dip our feet into the Septuagint, Apocrypha and early church fathers.

Starting off, I imagine that the method of study would be that the text to be read would be announced in the meetup at least 6 days in advance. It would be left to each attendee to study the text beforehand to be ready to translate at a reasonable pace. But if you were unable to study satisfactorily before the meeting but would still like to attend to listen or have questions or input when others read, you would be welcome to do so.

Though I have taught from the textbook, The Elements of New Testament Greek by Jeremy Duff I consider myself to still be intermediate in my level of translation. Consequently, after a reader has translated some text, it would be up to the remainder attending to discuss the translated text before going on to the next section or verses. It is that discussion I hope that will lead to the collective sharpening of our skills as Koine Greek readers, students of the Bible and Church and, even as a by product, more convinced and educated in our faith. We may go off on some tangents to discuss the theology behind verses being read, but I will work to keep the focus related to the current text. Theological issues and disagreements may be respectfully expressed in context of the text being read but resolving them would not be the focus of this group.

Let me know if you are interested.

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Greek Reading of the New Testament

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Greek Reading

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