What we're about

Our goal is to educate, inform and discuss with local Power BI as well as other Business/Technology users the trends,tools,tips and tricks as they evolve within the Microsoft Powerplatform.

Topics we cover include:

Data visualization
Power BI/Powerplatform
Big Data
Data Analysis

The formal group (Dallas Fort Worth Power BI User Group) on Microsoft site,


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2022 Lunch Box Series: Power BI Topic / 25 Days of DAX challenge #19 - 25

During the month of January, we will focus on participating/reviewing Curbal's 25 days of DAX Fridays! Challenge. The challenge details can be found at https://curbal.com/25-days-of-dax-fridays-challenge.

We'll cover Challenges # 19 - 25 today.
Activity / Date Released
#19 / Fri, Jan 21
#20 / Sat, Jan 22
#21 / Sun, Jan 23
#22 / Mon, Jan 24
#23 / Tues, Jan 25
#24 / Wed, Jan 26
#25 / Thurs, Jan 27

-- Challenges are listed at Curbal.com daily; solutions are posted the next day.
-- You can make up past challenges, but you can't work ahead.
-- These activities are single DAX statements, all based on the same dataset.
-- You can participate in Curbal's leaderboard if you solve the daily activities by her deadline.

Session Tips:
-- If your DAX attempt fails, consider saving the error message for discussion in our meeting.
-- Short on time? Give yourself [10] minutes to complete the challenge, then jump to the solution. The goal is to get your hands dirty!

Power BI users of all levels are invited!

Feb Monthly Meeting - Enabling limitless near-realtime experiences in PowerBI

Bringing data in near-realtime is a complex experience – involving multiple components and different limitations across the stack. With Streaming Dataflows we aim to bring you a low-code/no-code experience which abstracts away all the complexities of creating realtime experiences in PowerBI. During this session, we will cover how to go from receiving your data on EventHub to bringing that data to PowerBI in seconds (and build this pipeline in minutes 😊)

Krrish Dholakia is the PM working on realtime scenarios @ PowerBI (eg. Streaming Dataflows, APR, etc.). In this session, I'd love to discuss how you can use PowerBI to easily create 'real' real-time scenarios using Streaming Dataflows. This can be useful especially for Operations & Maintenance teams in scenarios where you have a large amounts of data being pumped in from the field and need to make decisions on a granular (second/minute/hour/day) basis. Some relevant scenarios include oil rig monitoring, factory maintenance, sales teams trying to run a large-scale sale (black Friday/cyber Monday/etc.), etc.

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