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"Smart Investing..." I am an agent, specializing in real estate investments, and it is my goal to meet perspective clients and network with other real estate professionals. That said, I believe I have something of great and truly unique value to offer investors -a high tech approach to finding some of the best values in the DFW area. Listing services, such as the MLS, only state listing facts, and don't intelligently attempt to integrate value/investment information. Imagine the advantages of a system that regularly combs thousands of listings, automatically searching out the best values in terms of equity and rental cash flow. I currently have 2 system prototyped: I. Identifies and tracks the best values in HUD foreclosures II. Analyzes the MLS and searches out the best values. If your a investor (novice or expereinced), a potential investor, or a currious real estate professional, I would like the opportunity to introduce you to these amazing systems. Please feel free to visit my website: www.texasgreatinvestments.com I intend to make both of these, and future systems, available through this website in the near future. Thanks! Genie

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