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What we’re about

Welcome! We are really glad you are here. We are DFW local, vibrant, and drama-free!

We are open-minded by having no judgment, a community spirit, and we live by example to show others that living with less can be freeing financially and by allowing more time for personal development and community involvement/contribution. Living in a Tiny Home offers many people the freedoms they were looking for either by living in a smaller carbon footprint, being more sustainable, have less possessions, or other personal reasons such as having the pleasure of building your own home. Some people find it easier to maintain smaller spaces rather than large sticks and brick homes. Others may like the ability to move their home to different locations. Whatever the reason, we accept you.

We post many different events related to Tiny Living and we hope you'll meet with us at an event soon!

**Thanks for joining us! *

***Ken Lewis *