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Only the best ideas left standing! Agile fight club is less about 'Agile' as we've come to know it and more about what comes after.

No fists. Just wits.

For all its promise and potential, far too much harm has been done in the name of 'Agile'. Members of Agile Fight Club have all been in the trenches fighting 'the good fight' to help their clients. They're hungry to challenge dogma, ego, and do better for themselves and the people they serve; a lot better.

Some of the rules of Agile Fight Club include:

• You will talk about fight club! (or at least the insights gained from it) - our goal is to stretch our minds and discover new possibilities.

• No powerpoints ever

• If this is your first night at Agile Fight Club, you have to 'fight' over a topic. Whether it's for or against is by luck of the draw.

• One fight at a time. There'll be time to debrief and share insights after.

• The fight will go on as long as it has to.

• No cows too sacred - every cherished belief is fair game for a fight

• Agile Fight Club is by invitation only (for now)

Flex your mental muscles, free your mind, and prepare to be uncomfortable.

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