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How to Flirt Like Crazy From Across the Room: Arlington
How to Read Body Language - & - Flirt like Crazy From Across the Room! Communications expert and NLP trainer, Daniel D'Neuville is presenting a lively introduction to the world of non-verbal communication in the atrium banquet room at THE SHELL SHACK in Arlington near 30 & Collins. Fee: $10 cash at the door We'll start the presentation right at 7 PM. Arrive early, find a seat and get a drink, or something to eat. BODY LANGUAGE So much more information is conveyed non-verbally than is ever said out loud, and the body does not lie. While some people can control their facial expressions, they can not control everything and once you learn to read the whole person, it adds a new dimension to personal power in relationships. Things you'll learn: Confirm the things you think you know about reading body language... and ARE TRUE! Discover what you THINK you know about body language THAT'S NOT TRUE after all (example: crossed arms mean a person is closed, not, and that looking away means you're lying). How to spot someone lying, even though they SOUND convincing. How to make a connection (non-verbally) from across the room, in seconds! Four things you can do consciously to increase confidence. The ONE action that most men misinterpret, and assume more is going on than actually is! If you're a woman, and are interested in a guy... you want to MAKE SURE you do this thing... and often. What are the top 3 mistakes that people make with regards to body language? The one non-verbal cue that signals attraction and interest, and can't be faked. What are 3 more indicators that reveals someone is attracted to you? Discover the 5 key indicators you'll want to notice and be aware of in the opposite sex, every time! How to tell that "things"just don't add up, (think RED FLAGS) before any words are ever spoken. Identify the one thing you can do, that most people don't, that always creates deep connection and understanding - fast. CRITICALLY IMPORTANT .... know how you may be trashing your reputation, without saying a word. ************************************ Presentation lasts about an 1 1/2, then you can go home or stay and we'll practice. THE SHELL SHACK has a full food and drink menu.

Shell Shack

770 East Road to Six Flags Street · Arlington


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