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DFW Political and Economic Issues Discussion Meetup Group
Hey Politicos... Our monthly meetup takes place at 8pm at the Euless IHOP (121 and Glade). Our general agenda is as follows: 1. Discuss the problem or the issue (and hopefully agree on the desired outcomes). 2. Present proposed "solutions" to the issue or problem (ideally from several perspectives). 3. Compare and contrast each "solution" and evaluate them according to the extent that they deliver the desired outcomes. We'll see if we can actually stick to the agenda. Please post suggestions for political and economic topics that you would like for the group to discuss. There should be no shortage of good things to talk about. Looking forward to seeing everyone there and discussing politics and economics with all of you! Todd

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The purpose of this meetup group is to discuss current political issues (local, state, national, international) from all political perspectives (Left, Right and anywhere in between).

Ideally, we would like to have a substantive, in-depth discussion and analysis of a political issue or topic during each meeting. We would also like to have members representing as many diverse viewpoints and political perspectives as possible weigh in on each issue.

The emphasis for each issue discussion will be as follows:

1. Discussion of the issue itself (agreeing on the problem to be solved and the desired outcomes).

2. Presentation of various proposed solutions to the problem (preferably from a variety of political perspectives).

3. Comparing and contrasting the proposed solutions to the problem in terms of how well they satisfy the desired outcomes.

Again, we welcome ALL political perspectives (even those that are not so popular). The most interesting meetings are those that compare and contrast many perspectives on the issues. However, if you'd rather not voice your opinion on the issues, feel free to come and listen.

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