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Tonkean- The Bizops Platform

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Join Brett Li, VP of Product Marketing at Tonkean for an exclusive demo on the next generation of RPA.

While RPA focuses on automating specific, repetitive tasks, Tonkean focuses on orchestrating dynamic, human-centric processes. In this interactive demo, Brett will demonstrate how each solution helps you optimize different areas of the business, but can work in tandem, providing additive value to your business. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how Tonkean can help them:

Expand the scope of your automation initiatives by extending to dynamic, human-centric, and cross-functional processes.

Increase the value of your RPA deployments by creating a flexible orchestration layer allowing you to connect bots to more complex business logic, cloud systems, people interaction, and more.

Create an automation CoE by allowing for business teams to build automated processes while the automation team becomes strategic SMEs.

About Tonkean

Tonkean is the operating system for business operations. Our Adaptive Business Operations platform empowers BizOps or IT teams to extend RPA and orchestrate end-to-end processes by integrating systems, automating work, and coordinating people. Companies of all sizes use Tonkean to streamline processes such as customer support triaging, legal intake, employee onboarding, and more.
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