Please join DFW Scrum at Sabre HDQ as David Hawks, CEO of Agile Velocity discusses WHY AGILE TRANSFORMATIONS GET STUCK. Description: In this world of exponentially increasing market disruption, it is more imperative than ever for organizations to not only achieve operational agility (efficiency, speed, etc.), but also organizational agility (speed to respond to market change). Many companies are embarking on an Agile Transformation, but getting “lost in the desert” and not realizing the full agile benefits promised and needed. Traditional Leadership Paradigms, Org. Structures, and Culture all get in the way, as too many companies focus on team level change and framework implementation (Scrum and SAFe). In this session, we will explore how leaders can guide their organizations past these barriers and accelerate the momentum towards true organizational agility. Bio: As CEO of Agile Velocity, David Hawks guides leaders through their agile transformation with a focus on achieving business results. David is a Certified Enterprise Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer who is passionate about helping organizations achieve true agility, not just implementing Agile practices. He helps create transformation strategies and manages organizational change through leadership coaching.

    Sabre Corporation

    3150 Sabre Drive Room: A1-157 · Southlake, TX