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You can learn to self-heal and self-realize by getting initiated into the powerful non-denominational practice of integrated Reiki Raja Yoga offered by the Divine Heart Center. This spiritual practice combines the paths of self-effort and faith in God to:-

+Attune you to the higher powers of unconditional Grace and unlimited Willpower
+Heal your personal energy, the energy required for your personal well being
+Heal your social energy, the energy of “others” who you interact with on a daily basis
+Heal the spatial energy, energy of the space that you live or work in, known as “vāstu”

During the seminars, seekers learn how to heal their own self and others, cleanse their personal (aura) and spatial energy, create spiritual protection shield, perform distance healing, and ingest more life force (“prana”). In the seminar you are guided by Grandmaster Shailesh who directly works on the initiates’ aura to heal their Karma to give them a spiritual boost. This spiritual boost is the highlight of being in the presence of a master.

This practice of self-effort and faith in God is liberating, individual-driven and respects all religions, lifestyles, and preferences. It is the path of the “Brhamarthis” – seekers who are practical in the affairs of this world but also aspire for God as the Holy Absolute.
Many advanced initiates are part of the Divine Heart Center’s circle of healers. These advanced healers and teachers provide a support structure to the new seekers and initiates guiding them through the practice.

Grandmaster Shailesh and Divine Heart Center’s advanced healers also take up distance healing assignments selectively to heal health, career, relationship or spiritual challenges faced by the seeker.

Please visit us at www.divineheartcenter.com or call 1-877-693-HEAL (4325) to know about our upcoming seminars, meditation CDs, “vāstu” (spatial energy) instruments and energy consultations.

About the Grandmaster

Grandmaster Shailesh is a spiritual Guru and a healer who was initiated into the Reiki lineage of Sensei Mikao Usui and the Kriya Yoga lineage of Mahavatar Babaji by Guru Late Shri Vijay Bansal and has uniquely integrated the two practices of Reiki and Kriya Yoga for the maximum benefit of the initiate.

Description: L:\Yoga Research\MahavatarBabaji.jpg Mahavatar Babaji is the eternal and ultimate lord of Yoga who cannot be described in words. The Kriya Yoga system consists of a set of breathing and mental practices intended to rapidly accelerate spiritual development by ingesting more life force directly from the Universe. The initiate’s personal energy is charged with an iota of the rejuvenating eternal energy of the Mahavatar Babaji. Consequently, the initiate’s progress is accelerated. This progress cannot be achieved merely through knowledge acquired from books or the internet.

Mikao Usui (1865-1926) rediscovered an ancient yet eternal spiritual healing practice which he called Reiki. Reiki is gaining popularity as a complementary therapy for the treatment of physical, emotional, and mental diseases. Reiki techniques train the initiate to develop faith by letting go, tap into the healing power of the Universe and channel this healing power towards one’s own self and to others as well.

Shailesh is an independent master who teaches from his direct experiences of God. Born in a spiritual family and guided by the finest of Gurus, Shailesh’s background is deeply rooted in the culture of India. Having lived in the USA for more than 12 years, Shailesh’s teaching style benefits from his firsthand experience of the ways of the West. Being an accomplished professional himself, he has developed effective spiritual techniques that are non-denominational in nature and fit the busiest lifestyles while maintaining spiritual progress.

Shailesh teaches seekers from all walks of life who are willing to learn and accept that everything in this world is eventually spiritual energy. This energy can be tapped into through proper spiritual training and surrender. Shailesh is also a spiritual advisor to corporate executives who have benefitted from his guidance both in the meeting room and in the meditation room. The techniques revealed by him through Divine Heart Center can create a tranquil sanctuary for you in the busiest environments allowing you to take spirituality and peace of mind wherever you go.

Combining the direct guidance received in meditations with the information available in eternal scriptures, Shailesh has directed and developed many spiritual aids such as mediation music, sacred geometrical patterns for healing the seeker’s aura and their surroundings, an iPhone application called “The Ramayana Oracle” to help seekers find answers to their questions through faith and spiritual aromatherapy healing oil.
Shailesh is the creator of the “Be Happy Be Healed.” meditations which can be practiced both by a beginner or an advanced seeker to generate love, strengthen will power and explore self-realization. His words of wisdom have been well received by more than 3000 fans on the Divine Heart Center’s Facebook page. Shailesh is also a proponent of “Dhyan Vāstu” – a tailored way of healing the energy of one’s office, house or any other area by clairvoyantly checking for energy blocks and then applying energy instruments called “yantras” to remove the blocks and aid in the wellbeing of the inhabitants.

Above all, Shailesh has revealed a new mantra for the benefit of the new generation and to herald a new world of peace, love and oneness with God. The mantra is called “Aum, Prem, Brham” which means “God’s Word, God’s Love, and God, the Absolute”. Chanting this mantra connects the chanter with God’s unlimited will power, God’s unconditional love power and with God Himself as the almighty Absolute.

Shailesh is a modern healer yogi whose mission is to create happiness within one’s world and worldwide through self-healing and self-realization.


Here is what the initiates are saying about the Divine Heart Center:-

“With Reiki in my life and with the guidance of divine … I was really able to get a better understanding of self, my mind, how I interacted with the universe and how at peace I was with myself.” – Relationship manager at an IT consulting company and a mother

“The 9 years journey on this path has been amazing and my environment kept getting better and better. Life kept becoming simpler and simpler. Today, I do not have any complexities.” - VP at a Financial Services company and a father of two children

"I was at a crucial intersection and imbalance in my life with my family and profession when I initiated into the practice of Reiki Raja Yoga under the close guidance of Shailesh. My year long journey powered by healing and balancing energies has begun. It has shown me clarity and confidence that I look to sustain with self to be an effective person as a husband, father and colleague."- 49 Year old father of 4 children and an Executive at the Harvard Medical Institutions

Divine Heart Center invites all sincere seekers to come, learn and experience this journey to happiness through God’s Grace and God’s Will. We are building the world’s most powerful community of healers through the world’s best integrated Reiki Raja Yoga Practice.


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Divine Heart Center - Basic Meditation Course

DHC - Meditation Center

Divine Heart Center - Basic Meditation Course

DHC - Meditation Center

Divine Heart Center - Basic Meditation Course

DHC - Meditation Center

Divine Heart Center - Basic Meditation Course

DHC - Meditation Center

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