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Baking Accessibility into Design at Workday

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Baking Accessibility into Design at Workday


Digital accessibility is often seen as an afterthought, something that is added in by development just before a product ships. However, true accessibility—an experience that is usable by everyone—begins in the design stages of the product development process. Workday has begun to make strides in reversing the afterthought mentality. We’re baking accessibility into the way we approach building our products, starting with design.

How are we doing that? We’ll share with you:
Where our journey in accessibility began.
How we identified the problems at Workday.
How we’ve begun to tackle those problems with awareness, education, and resources.

We’ll give you a glimpse into what we’ve accomplished and where we’re headed next. While Workday is becoming a leader in the accessibility space, we know this is a never-ending journey.

Our Speakers:

Erica Ellis, Inclusive Design & Research
Emma Siegel, Inclusive Design & Research
Sam Smith, Accessibility Specialist

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