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Breakup to Breakthrough
Enjoy appetizers and desserts during this empowering evening: BREAKUP TO BREAKTHROUGH *Complimentary event *This event is advertised in many other locations Our last Breakup to Breakthrough event was a big success! Here's what one of our participants had to say: "I want to thank you for encouraging me to attend your meeting. It was a “baby step” for me but one that I feel was well worth it. It was nice to see that I’m not alone when it comes to certain relationship issues. I am actually implementing some baby steps already. Not necessarily with my relationship (not yet) but with even simpler things like my health, weight and life style. All in all the meeting was a very positive experience and I was very impressed with the way you led the group and got a room full of total strangers to open up." This months topic: Communicate to be Heard During any life transition, there is one particular skill that can help us more than any other. Skilled communication is what we need most when relating to our family, our children, our friends, our attorneys, other professionals, and eventually in a new social life. -Take your listening skills to the next level, thereby improving relationships. -Learn strategies to bring across your point of view so that it can be heard and integrated. -Hone the ability to naturally create a collaborative discussion where each participant is engaged in finding a mutually beneficial solution to whatever issue arises. We all want to feel heard when we speak about what we want. Join Certified Life Coach, Heidi Krantz, for this COMPLIMENTARY interactive meetup as she guides you through 6 achievable strategies to empower you to be heard. *Appetizers and desserts will be served *A family law attorney from Wisselman & Associates will be available to answer legally related questions RSVP and questions: Heidi at [masked]

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Separation and divorce over 50 is a unique transition and this group is designed to give it the proper attention and support that it deserves. Adult children and grandchildren introduce a different set of challenges, as does transitioning out of a very long marriage that may be upwards of 30 or 40 years.

Separation and divorce often come with tremendous pain, confusion, fear, ambivalence, and difficulty. But let’s begin to emerge from the darkness and become aware that this challenge can be accompanied by amazing opportunity that would not have otherwise presented itself. If we seize the opportunity and approach change in an organized way with self awareness and a positive attitude, the possibilities are limitless. Through our meetups, let's build community together and help each other thrive through this challenging transition

Whether you are struggling through the divorce process, finding your new "single" identity, or negotiating new family and social roles, let our meetup group empower you into the new life that you choose to create.

This group is facilitated by a highly experienced divorce coach who has been through the divorce process personally and is dedicated to supporting others through every phase of this transition.

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