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The event is for Montréal people who want to make and race DIY autonomous cars of any size, from tiny 18th scale to full-size, including go-karts. Meetups are opportunities to hack, compete, and show and tell. Meetups will typically be in a space where 1/10 cars can be run indoors and have nearby parking lots where 1/10th scale and go-karts can be raced or just tested. Full-size autonomous cars are welcome, but we may not always have space to run them in driverless mode.

The overall aim of this group and these meetups is to make and race pro-level autonomous cars on a budget. That means that they're smaller than regular cars (from go-kart size, down to 1/18th scale) and can be used indoors.

But just because they're small and cheap doesn't mean that you can't run real autonomous car software on them. Rather than doing all processing on-board, these DIY robocars tend to transmit the data from their on-board sensors (cameras, sonar, lidar, radar, GPS or whatever else you have) via Wifi to a laptop that runs pro-grade AI and robotics software, including TensorFlow, ROS and the rest of the Udacity Self-Driving Car toolchain.

Currently we do not have a location, space/garage/hackerspace. Let me know if you know one available or if you want to host, preferably accessible through public transit:

Here are resources that will help you build, hack and race these autonomous car



Q: What's the point?
A: This is for experimentation, research & development and if you like the idea of a challenge. It's also fun to run a car you've built yourself and meet like-minded people. Bonus points if you manage to build an autonomous RC car that finishes a few loops, without knocking other cars or running into peeps :) There might be people from computer vision and machine learning industry around, so you can discuss about AI developments.

Q: Do I have to make my own to participate in a race or I can get one online?
A: You can buy the pre-built AWS DeepRacer by Amazon, but I recommend DIY. You have more flexibility, such as adding LIDAR or other sensors

Q: Do I have to own an autonomous car to come?
A: Everyone is welcome, kids included. You can come to watch if you don't have a car, discuss Deep Learning, Computer vision etc.

Q: What can I do to help?
A: Please share on Facebook, Twitter, email or your favourite social media. Currently we are looking for a space to host the race, and also a bit of funds to built the track itself. There are online shops to buy a track for RC cars for a few hundred $

Contact twitter.com/heri or here


Ce groupe est destiné aux Montréalais interessés par concevoir, fabriquer et lancer leur propre voiture autonome, dans un but non-lucratif.

Au lieu de travailler sur une vraie voiture, qui serait trop dangereux et couteux pour des experimentations, nous nous intéressons ici à utiliser des voitures téleguidés, qui vont de 1/18 à 1/10 (ou même plus), ce qui est beaucoup plus accessible.

Actuellement, nous ne disposons pas d'un circuit ou d'un lieu de rencontre et cherchons un lieu (extérieur ou intérieur) qui peut accueillir ce groupe.

Concevoir et fabrique une petite voiture autonome requiert un minimum de savoir-faire en électronique et programmation, nous invitons cependant tous les interessés aux événements, pour discuter, échanger et pourquoi pas démarrer leur aventure. Il y aura toujours 30mn à 1h au préalable pour discuter.

Il y a beaucoup de ressources en ligne, de GitHub å des sites web, mais voici quelques-uns qui peuvent vous faire démarrer rapidement:


Merci et à bientot!

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