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Interested in autonomous vehicles? We are running the UK's first DIY Robocars (https://diyrobocars.com) group, with support from Edventure (https://edventurefrome.org) and Level Five Supplies (https://levelfivesupplies.com)! Open source code, collaborative learning, electronics, robotics and lots of fun. Find out more (https://levelfivesupplies.com/join-diy-robocars-uk/) and read our Getting started (https://levelfivesupplies.com/join-diy-robocars-uk/getting-started/) guide.

Watch the video from DIY Robocars France first meetup, a year ago...


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DIY Robocars UK - Summer Bash

Welshmill Lane

Join the Summer Bash at the Welsh Mill Pump Track! As part of the Frome Festival, we are running DIY Robocars outdoors on a crazy up-and-down unmarked circuit. Inclines, short cuts, unmarked tarmac and with public spectators. We've got the Pump Track for 4 hours (from 10am - 2pm) after which it returns to normal use for scooters and bikes. If you've found this event as part of the Festival and want to find out more, please check out the event events listed on the meetup and https://diyrobocars.com where you can find instructions, code bases, information and ideas for how to get started. You don't have to be an expert, but you will need tinkering time to make your racer and get it working.

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