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DIY Robocars (https://www.meetup.com/DIYRobocars/) was started by Chris Andersen (https://www.meetup.com/DIYRobocars/members/83722362/) (CEO of 3DR, founder of DIY Drones and winner of Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition, former editor of Wired Magazine and author of The Long Tail, Free, and Makers) and currently covering San Fransisco and the Bay Area.

DIY Robocars DC was created to extend the reach of his initiative allowing people in the east coast to share and participate in a similar setup. This should enable more people to have access to this growing technology and to be part of this amazing community.

The overall aim of this group and these meetups is to make and race pro-level autonomous cars on a budget. That means that they're smaller than regular cars (from go-kart size, down to 1/6th scale) and can be used indoors. But just because they're small and cheap doesn't mean that you can't run real autonomous car software on them. Rather than doing all processing on-board, these DIY robocars tend to transmit the data from their on-board sensors (cameras, sonar, lidar, radar, GPS or whatever else you have) via Wifi to a laptop that runs pro-grade AI and robotics software, including TensorFlow, ROS and the rest of the Udacity Self-Driving Car toolchain.

Chris allow us to share all the resources from http://DIYRobocars.com website that will help you build, hack and race these autonomous car, as well as lists of other groups and races.

The indoors course will have the edges of the track and lanes marked by blue, green and red tape.

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World Maker Faire New York

New York Hall of Science

Collect Data (Take 3) - Make Your Own Robocar

Local Motors

Q&A and Coding Session


Collect Data (Take 2) - Make Your Own Robocar

Local Motors

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