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DIYbio San Diego is the DIY bio meetup group for San Diego County. We do not have our own mailing list yet, so join the discussions on the SoCal DIYBio Google Group ( http://groups.google.com/group/socal-diybio ).

Inspired by the DIY science of the Hackerspace movement, and other DIY bio groups like BioCurious ( www.BioCurious.org (http://www.biocurious.org)) and SoCal DIYbio ( https://www.meetup.com/SoCal-DIYBio/ ), DIYbio San Diego aims to gather like-minded science geeks from the Greater San Diego area.

We believe that if BioTech is to be as revolutionary in the 21st century as the personal computer and the automobile were in the 20th, that it needs to reach beyond the walls of Academia and Industry to the hobbiest and the self-starter. In a field were a PhD is often taken as minimum requirement, we want to throw open the doors to everyone with a kitchen sink and a desire to learn.

We believe that if we as a society are to meet the challenges of the new millennium, everyone must understand the basics of the scientific method. Science is not an occult art, practiced only by eggheads in lab-coats, but a way of looking at the world around us that every one is capable of.

To quote our sister organization, BioCurious:
"Whether you are a professional scientist or merely curious, BioCurious has a spot for you to learn, play and work. We are a community of people who thrive off of sharing ideas and building tools. If you've got MacGyver instincts and a desire to impact the world, you're our kind of person!"

-Brett Bowman and Todd Chamoy

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Let's build transcranial direct current stimulators!
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I've got some neuroscience background but no experience building circuits. I've located a bunch of online resources and am pretty sure I could eventually figure it out myself, yet this would be way more fun with friends. By the way, we are building this to augment our brains and develop super human skill sets.

Create ideas for a non-invasive testkit to screen for methyl mercury in the body

My name is Fransje de Gelder and I'm working for Enviu in the Netherlands (www.enviu.org). Together with Clear Light Ventures, a social venture in San Fransisco, Enviu is organizing an open source crowdsource challenge to scout business concepts for a non-invasive test kit to screen for methyl mercury in the human body.

The winning business concept wins $2.500 and a possible investment of Clear Light Ventures in the business concept to further develop it into a prototype.

Mercury poisoning, though becoming more known, is still quite pervasive and many people have higher mercury levels in their bodies than the CDC or WHO recommend and don’t even know it. Information is power. If there was a simple, fast, non-invasive test for mercury that could be performed routinely (think along the lines of taking your temperature, or checking your blood pressure at the grocery store) either at regular intervals or when symptoms suggest, then one could avoid potentially detrimental health and intelligence effects.

You can read more about the challenge on the website: http://toxicmetalchallenge.com/over

Give $2020 SMART stocks to our friends for 2014
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ATT-SMART Group would like everyone to learn how to get easy SMART Grants, Contracts, Stocks and Properties. So our investors want to sponsor groups that are researching advanced SMART technologies. Join our Investment Clubs in person or via Web 3.0 tech.

Check out details and give feedback at https://www.meetup.com/SMART0/

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Quantabio qPCR and NGS Reagents Lunch and Learn at Bio, Tech & Beyond

Bio, Tech and Beyond (biotechnbeyond.com)

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