Molecular Biology of the Arabdopsis Mustard Seed Plant

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north side of queen, first building west of dufferin, just after the small park

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Don’t remember much from high school biology? What you do remember seems light-years behind where biology is today?

Join us in a adventure of studying arbidopsis plant in a mixed lab study group format! This first meeting will be to go through whatever we will be doing for the rest of the year as well as designing a growth chamber for the Arabidopsis plants.

We will discuss the things that we would like to learn as a group and then perform the experiment itself. Curious about organelle transplantation? How about random mutagenesis? Ever wanted to genetically identify that really weird weed in your backyard?

It is a "casual" lab session of discovery rather than instruction, we will follow protocols together as we figure out what actually works!

*Note:while there is no fee in this session, there may be a fee for future lab sessions to cover working costs of reagents and other materials