What we're about

We are a conglomerate of independently owned wellness practitioners dedicated to bringing well-being to the community and our own sacred space communities.

The DLHH Wellness Co-op is a space where holistic wellness practitioners come together to care for your mind, body, and spirit. Wellness provided for all ages. Our wide range of services includes Reflexology, massage therapy, reiki and aromatherapy, herbal and nutritional support, Tai Chi, meditation, healthy life coaching, Shamanic healing, ceremonies and numerous other forms of healing. We provide a comprehensive and welcoming experience for clients seeking a natural and sustainable form of healthcare/SELFcare.

We offer: Retreats, Treatments, Courses, Classes, Workshops, Playshops, Lectures, Events, and Ceremonies.

W - Wealth
E - Enlightenment
L - Livity
L - Light

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Destiny IAM - Integration

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Destiny IAM - Meditation

DLHH Wellness CoOP

Free Monday Spiritual Readings

DLHH Wellness CoOP

Cacao Tarot Cirle

DLHH Wellness CoOP

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