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The 2019 release of the Deep Learning Dojo lecture series is available for sign up at https://www.meetup.com/deep_learning_dojo/

Are you a busy professional that simply doesn't have time to keep up with all the advances in the field? Or are not sure which areas to focus on in the deep learning landscape?

Perhaps you've tried reading some of the more recent Deep Learning paper or tried implementing the code only to find yourself staring at a screen for hours.

Then this is the place for you, welcome to the group! We're excited to bring you the latest and greatest in Deep Learning.

What is Deep Learning Dojo?

Deep Learning Dojo V2 (start January 2019) is a limited-run educational meetup that teaches advanced deep learning skills to data science and machine learning practitioners.

What do we do?

Our sessions are in-person lectures that focus on recent advances in the field by presenting them in a digestible way. Our goal is to present the intuition behind the ideas simply and provide you with starter code for your deep learning projects.

This seems really advanced is it worth attending?

If you are interested in deep learning then this absolutely the place for you! While you may not understand everything our lectures will at the very least help you contextualize the importance of the ideas and probv.

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Session 3: Convolutional Neural Networks

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Session 2: Neural Networks in Python

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Session 0: Python + Mathematical Foundations

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