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Do your symptoms include depression, mania, or psychosis? You have come to the right place! (Any and all with mood disorders, personality disorders, and anxiety disorders or symptoms thereof are welcome, with or without a diagnosis. Friends and family members of those people are also welcome to join us and build up their strengths as allies and support networks.)

Primarily, this is a group for community. It seems like those of us with psych issues don't get encouraged to create support networks with others like us, but that's often where we can start moving past internalized stigmas. To that end, we'll be having social meetups, such as:

- MISH AMIGOS: Mental Illness Social Hour, ranging from bars to tapas to Gallery Stroll.

- BOOKTACULAR: Book club reading books about mental illness or by an author with a mental illness, or skill-building books.


If you're interested in going to formal support groups, NAMI (http://namiut.org/) has a number of options for groups and classes.

Check out our discussion boards! If you're asking for advice, please remember that most of us, unless otherwise noted, are only speaking from personal experience and are not the same as seeing a psych professional.

Please respect the privacy of everyone in the group. Some of us may be "out," but others are not.

This is a safe space for anyone with any mental health issues (including addiction), anyone identifying anywhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and of any race, religion, or nationality. Hate speech will not be tolerated - please respect that we're building a space for everyone to feel comfortable talking about the things they feel the most stigmatized about, and not a debate team.

You can always email me at dmpsaltlake@gmail.com to suggest event ideas, talk about resources, or really anything!

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