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This group is to bring intuitive thinkers (only ENTJ/INTJ/ENTP/INTP types) together in real life to have conversations, explore your ideas, and build on the ideas of others. There is no better setting than with other NTs for you to have the space to do that. We are a small percentage (11%) of society and rarely do we get a chance to meet a group of other NTs.

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Jungian Typology Lessons by Michael Pierce (Part 2)

Online event

Hello NTs. This is another great way to learn the fundamentals of typology. I've found Pierce's material very digestible and useful in understanding the basics. This will be especially useful for those who confuse the cognitive functions of typology with behaviorism.


Online event

Hello NTs. Let's look at the differences. They are totally different!

Temperaments, Communications Styles, and Using the Type Grid

Hello NTs. We will go over the details of the temperaments, communication styles, and how to use the type grid.

Weekly Online Meetup

Online event

Hello NTs. I'm trying to keep a standing weekly online meetup for anyone who wants to attend. This is an experiment because I'm not sure if anyone besides the organizer can start the meeting. I can't guarantee that I'll be at every meeting.

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Jungian Typology Lessons by Michael Pierce (Part 1)

Online event

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