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What we’re about

DMV Childfree (which has merged with DC NoKidding) is an inclusive group for people of any relationship status, orientation, and 21+ age who have not had children (by choice or by circumstance) and who are not planning to have children at this time. This is not an empty-nesters group -- this is a group for people who have never parented. Exception: If one person in a couple is childfree, but the other has children from a prior relationship, the childfree person is welcome to join and bring his or her partner to events as long as the partner agrees to respect the purpose of the group.

Let's build our childfree community, have great conversations, and do fun activities while getting to know each other in person!

We respectfully request your consideration in avoiding no-shows and short-notice non-emergency cancellations. Please note: we may reach out to "yes" RSVPs individually a day or two before an event and ask that you reconfirm your attendance status. Thank you.

Some events may be cross-posted with related childfree Meetups. Feel free to join our additional groups and Facebook pages! :-)

*​ (Any relationship status)
*​ (Any relationship status)
*​ (Katie's group - mostly couples-oriented, but singles can also attend events)
* (Craig's group - for singles only)

* (Katie's travel group)

*​ Childfree DMV -
(Brad's discussion group)