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Making Our Way Through the World Religions

This survey of world religions we have embarked on started when someone asked the basic question, “What’s the difference between Religion X and Religion Y?” There are many ways we could possibly approach that question. The one we chose is to learn more about each of the major world religions by using the same yardstick for objective comparison.

On the first Saturday of each month we will seek to discover:

1. Does the faith in question profess a divine power or God? If so, what is the divine power like?

2. What is the faith’s take on man? What is his nature and what is his purpose?

3. What does the faith have to say about the physical world?

4. What is the faith’s core teaching (that is, what makes its adherents tick i.e. what are they looking forward to) summarized in a few sentences.

You are encouraged to bring your own questions and if you know folks of any of these faiths, bring them with you! I think it will add to the discussion and also bring folks of different backgrounds to the group.

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