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DMV Real Estate Investors
If you have always been curious of investing in Real Estate and how they do it, then you have to come to our meet up!! Stop procrastinating and convincing yourself that this is too good to be true. Here you will be able to pick the brains of million dollar investors that are already doing deals in your back yard. Sure, just the thought of investing thousands of dollars in real estate can be intimidating, but only if you do not have the knowledge to do so. When you come to our training you will learn about the different strategies on how to acquire properties with or without your money, how to fix and flip, pay off all debts through velocity banking, and wholesale properties. With more than 30 offices nationwide we continue to seek out real estate investors to work with. We have an awesome local community of professionals that can help start your dreams of finally investing and being able to live the life you deserve right now. Expect an awesome evening full of powerful knowledge and great people. All you need is to come with an open mind and positive attitude. IMPORTANT!!!! Before you leave this page send me a message containing your full name, phone number and email address so I can complete your registration and provide the location details.

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