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Are you a Starseed? Maybe you think you might be but you are not sure. This group is designed to bring likeminded people together so that we can support each other and discuss these topics while also enjoying fun activities. Description of a Starseed
Source - http://www.siriusascension.com/what%20is.htm

You might be a Starseed if...
- You possess a deep interest in spirituality
- You feel as if you have done this before
- You don't see earth as your true home
- You feel drawn to outer space, the stars and science fiction
- You possess Personal Qualities such as being artistic, being sensitive and possessing higher consciousness
- You live a difficult and challenging life
- You sometimes have dreams or memories of places not on earth
- You sometimes have experiences of physical and non-physical encounters with star guides and UFOs
- You have noticeable gifts in the areas of healing, channelling and psychic sensitivities

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