What we're about

This group is primarily for musicians with day jobs in the DMV who’d like to network and collaborate with other passionate artists on music projects after hours to beat traffic.

One of our projects will involve recording a compilation album.

Most of our meetings will involve instrumental jam sessions. We’ll record tracks of the ones we like and revisit them to further develop them into songs. A selection of these songs will appear on our periodically released compilation album.

I’m imagining the album will be an eclectic mix of covers and originals in genres that lend themselves to jamming (e.g. jazz, funk, rock, folk, pop, R&B, and “international” music), complete with cover art, photos, liner notes, credits etc. We could release the collection on iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Are you looking for a creative outlet? Do you love to sing? Maybe you’re carrying around a notebook of poems that you’d like to set to music. …or maybe you just want to release some stress and jam out to some gridlock rock or relax to an LOV lane ballad. This is happy hour for musicians and other creative people.

As a member of this group, you would be part of a roster of artists, including singer-songwriters, poets, vocalists, guitarists, drummers, brass/woodwind instrumentalists, painters, photographers, videographers, audio engineers, web-developers etc. all contributing to our albums, gigs and other projects.

I think this will be a fun experiment. So if music excites you, and you’d rather be doing something more productive for a few hours after work than sitting in traffic, sign up!

Upcoming events (1)

Kick off meeting: Our first jam session!

7 Drum City

Happy New Year! This will be our first jam session. We’ll start off with a short meet and greet where we’ll have introductions and talk about our meeting format. We’ll also discuss our first project “DMV Traffic Jams Vol. 1” our compilation album- i.e. content, release dates, personnel etc. After that, if anyone is interested, we can set aside some time for demos, where you can bring to the group something you’re working on or maybe completed. It can be anything from a guitar riff, to a page of lyrics, to a chord sequence, to a complete song. It can be performed live or prerecorded. The purpose can be to just get feedback from the group, consideration for the compilation album, recruit personnel for a project of your own or something else. It’s up to you. After that we’ll have our jam session! I’ve played with some top-notch musicians in this area, so I’m pretty sure this will be a lot of fun. By the way, you don’t even have to be a musician to attend, you can also come to just listen and observe if you like. The room will have a drum kit, and a few amplifiers so all you will need to bring is your instrument (and instrument cables, effects pedals, etc. if necessary). I look forward to seeing you!