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If YOU can look into YOUR DNA, and know, what YOU NEED the MOST to LOOK & FEEL YOUR BEST, Would YOU want to KNOW? We Teach a Proprietary PowerPoint, on "THE HISTORY OF NUTRITION & GENETICS 1500-2020; AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE" We start from year 1500, with a condition plaguing humanity called, Scurvy, and take a walk through History, with the Discovery of Vitamins & the Development, of the Recommended Daily Allowances in 1941. We Examine the Discovery of the DNA Double Helix in 1953, and the Deciphering of the Human Genome in 2000. You will leave with the Knowledge of Exactly what a Risk Factor is, Functionally & Anatomically, while understanding the Implications, of How this can be Applied, to Unleash YOUR Body's Optimal Physical Health. We believe there is a Whole Food on this Planet, that can be Consumed, to Focus on, Prevention, of almost all Health Conditions that Humanity Struggles with. For Decades, We have all seen, the New Fruit, Super Food, and Juice of the year. But in 2019, there are no more mere Suggestions from Someone, Somewhere. We Now Listen to OUR, OWN, INDIVIDUAL, DNA. OUR DNA, based on Decades of Research, Speaks to us, what Plant based, Raw food, Super foods, Prebiotics, Enzymes, Vitamins, and Minerals, that we EACH NEED the MOST. What YOU NEED, is usually, Completely Different, from what your Neighbor NEEDS. We Know Why, Non GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic, and Wild Crafted, Ingredients, MUST BE in OUR BODY. We Discuss some of the Largest Heavy Hitter's of Risk Factors, Causing us to be Imbalanced, in Our Body, such as, Lipids, Mitochondrial, Inflammation, Blood Pressure, Detoxification, Weight Management, Immunity, Free Radical Defense, Oxidation, Eye Health, LDL, HDL, and many more. And Most Importantly, What SPECIFIC Nutrition, TARGETS, each Predisposition.

Our Nutrition Genetic Journey, will be enormously packed with so much Mind Blowing Education, you will want to come back to hear it all over again. We always have Fun, Laugh, and give out Prizes! So if YOU Believe in Health & Wellness, Join us. We have Limited Seating, but don't worry, we take this journey almost every month! Welcome! :)

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