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DNAdigest is a charity created to shake up genomics research: loads of DNA sequencing data is being generated, but not enough data is being shared between researchers, a fact which is a huge barrier for the advancement medical research. With our not-for-profit organisation DNAdigest we are promoting and enabling tools and mechanisms that facilitate efficient and secure data access for research.

The biggest challenge for enabling data sharing is not the implementation of the solution, but to engage all stakeholders to join in the effort to develop the solutions and share data. We need to make researchers realise that data sharing is worth the effort, and we need to inform patients that their data is currently not put to optimal use, so that they may demand changes in the way institutions handle their data.

We organise events, meetups, workshops, symposia and run a blog with associated newsletter on DNAdigest.org

If you think you can help us or support us in any way, with your advice, your insight or your time, join our group to get involved in the discussion.

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