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Are you Brave enough to take on countless foes? Are you daring enough to delve into the most dangerous of dungeons. If you are, sharpen your axes and ready your spells for it is high adventure that awaits you. We are a Dungeons and Dragons group that cater to both Adventurers League legal and home-brew campaigns. We are also beginner friendly with lots of welcoming people that will show you the ropes. Play in a safe, public, and friendly Atmosphere where the coffee is divine and the pretzels are delicious.

We have started a policy of requireing approval before joining. This is only used to stop spammers from joining. If your not a spammer we will get you approved with no preconditions as soon as possible. Thanks for putting up with this inconvenience.

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Upcoming events (5+)

[FULL] Christopher Sloan - DDHC-DMM Chapter 9

Lodestone Coffee and Games LLC

DM: Christopher Sloan DCI[masked] Expected Character Level for Chapter 9 is 10.

D&D Help Table (Sunday Edition)

Lodestone Coffee and Games LLC

I'll get you started on a D&D character using the Adventurers League rules. Please come as early as possible so we can get everything built. If nobody RSVPs, I won't likely be on time.

AL - Aaron Bormet - Dungeon of the Mad Mage

Lodestone Coffee and Games LLC

Tier 2. Dungeon of the Mad Mage. Players just finished dungeon level 6 and are heading to dungeon level 7. Characters are currently at level 8-10. DDAL Season 8 rules/requirements.

AL - Tier 2 - DDAL08-07 Into the Dark (Level 5-10)

Lodestone Coffee and Games LLC

Group is usually full - if someone drops your welcome to join us. DDAL08-06 Into the Dark An old friend needs your help, again. Carsten's DCI:[masked] Tool for tracking AL (if you don't want to do paper): https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com

Past events (1,294)

AL - **DM** Signup/Chat - DDEP08-02 Stardock Under Siege!

Lodestone Coffee and Games LLC

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