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We are a Dungeons and Dragons group that cater to both Adventurers League legal and home-brew campaigns. We are also beginner friendly with lots of welcoming people that will show you the ropes. Play in a safe, public, and friendly Atmosphere where the coffee is divine and the pretzels are delicious.

Rules of Engagement Policy https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tsxtyBEKKi-OOuE4KCJZETMlY87zL4C725Au27lXY2A/edit

Online Character builder https://dndbeyond.com

Adventurers League Website http://dnd.wizards.com/ddal_general

We have started a policy of requiring approval before joining. This is only used to stop spammers from joining. If your not a spammer we will get you approved with no preconditions as soon as possible. Thanks for putting up with this inconvenience.

Good luck!

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The Last Daughter of Bahamut - Joe A.

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(Character levels 17 -20) With the Temple of Elemental Evil destabilized, the armies of Zuggtmoy ascend to the floating college of Strixhaven. The prophecy of the platinum scales is no longer an esoteric concept or religious dogma. In the underground ruins of a long-forgotten city in the Netherese Empire lies a beacon of hope. It is here that Strixhaven is built upon. The heroes must draw on their resources and send a call for aid if there is any hope of saving the world from The Incursion.

Pathfinder (1st Edition) - Hells Vengeance Campaign

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Hey there!
I am organizing a Pathfinder Adventure Campaign game and would like YOU (Yes, you) to join! You are totally welcome if you are brand new to the Pathfinder game system (very much like Dungeons and Dragons) or a veteran of the D20 gaming genre, all are welcome. I run this game as it is "our game, not my game" philosophy. We are all going to be spending hours of our weekends together, we should all be enjoying ourselves. I ask you be open to new players and those who may not be tactical players or desire to engage in deep roleplay in everything they do when facing a potential foe or individual they come across in the game. I adjust to the player's knowledge and abilities in each engagement and we all have fun thru-out the night. I don't look to make things difficult for you or me in anything we run into thru the game time we have.

Pathfinder (unlike AD&D), is open content; meaning you can find all you need to join in and play at the following website for free, you don't have to purchase anything to play:


Pathfinder has an incredible amount of content, so I highly recommend you approach character building in the following way:

What Race do you perceive your character to be? What do you see this character as/doing as an adventurer? If you don't approach it with a concept in your mind, you can expend a lot of time in the choices/options available in the game fairly easy. I am fully willing to assist you in the entire process as needed. Always better to start with a plan of the characters race/class concept in your head and we can build that character together. As I mentioned above, we will be playing for hours and hours over the life of the campaign, your character should be fun for you.

Game System: Pathfinder (First Edition)

Time Zone: CDT USA (MN)
Day of week and time: Sunday afternoons at 2:00 PM
Planned start date: February 20th, 2022
Planned Duration & Frequency: Duration will be about four hours (no longer than five hours), once a week.
Term: Long term

Roleplay & Combat mix: 40/60 (I'm not a natural on roleplaying NPC's, it takes me effort)
Number of Players in game & needed: 4-5 (GROUP IS FULL).
Character starting level & equipment: Level 1, see link below for guidelines on building a character. Each character will have two traits and a drawback plus one free trait from the players guide (link below). A copy of the players guide will be provided to those who join the game to assist you in recommendations for adventuring.
Character restrictions: Some classes may be restricted from play due to overshadowing other players in abilities and making it possibly unbalanced. I use a 25 point buy system with no single stat being higher then 16 BEFORE racial modifiers.

Players guide book is here: https://www.santasofficialnorthpolemail.com/kingdomofmorrain.com/wotw/files/wotw%20-%20players%20guide.pdf

A very good Point Buy Calculator can be found here:

I reference this site for characters as majority of the "house rulings" I will use : https://thewickedway.obsidianportal.com/

D&D 5E: (Morning group) Tomb of Annihilation. RSVPs closed.

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Delving into the jungles of Chult to stop the Death Curse!

Homebrew - Iric - Table 08 - Saltmarsh

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• What we'll do
Homebrew D&D, where the players have control of the path they will take.

• What to bring
Please create a new, 10th level, 5th edition D&D character, out of the Player's Handbook (PH) or Xanathar's Guide to Everything. We'll be using only these two books, for character creation, for this campaign. Ability scores (stats) are created using the standard array found on page 13 of the PH: 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15. Minor adjustment are allowed, using the points cost chart, on the same page.
At this level, you may give your new character one +1 magic item (such as a +1 longsword, or +1 chain mail), along with standard adventuring gear. Also, give your character one extra skill proficiency and 3 additional languages (learned during adventuring), added to what the two books give your character.
Suggested: Pen or pencil (unless using an electronic character sheet) and dice. If you have a miniature for your character, bring it along.

• Please Note
We request that those joining us at table 08 be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We are not requiring proof; this is on the honor system. We hope that you will honor this request.

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Homebrew - Iric - Table 08 - Saltmarsh

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