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We are a Dungeons and Dragons group that cater to both Adventurers League legal and home-brew campaigns. We are also beginner friendly with lots of welcoming people that will show you the ropes. Play in a safe, public, and friendly Atmosphere where the coffee is divine and the pretzels are delicious.

Rules of Engagement Policy https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tsxtyBEKKi-OOuE4KCJZETMlY87zL4C725Au27lXY2A/edit

Online Character builder https://dndbeyond.com

Adventurers League Log http://adventurersleaguelog.com/

Adventurers League Website http://dndadventurersleague.org/

We have started a policy of requiring approval before joining. This is only used to stop spammers from joining. If your not a spammer we will get you approved with no preconditions as soon as possible. Thanks for putting up with this inconvenience.


If you're new to Organized Play(Adventurers League), you must start with a level 1 character. Look for the Adventurers League (or AL tag) and also "Tier 1", "T1" or a level range that includes 1 (typically 1-4). These are the modules you want to sign up for as they're the ones that are legal for you to play. Feel free to ask questions on a particular game if you aren't sure. Good luck!

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Pathfinder - Serpent Skull Adventure

Lodestone Coffee and Games LLC

Hey there! I am putting together a Serpent Skull Adventure game and would like YOU (Yes, you) to apply! You can be brand new to the Pathfinder game system (very much like Dungeons and Dragons) or a veteran. I run a game as it is "our game not my game". We are all going to be spending hours of our days together we should all be enjoying ourselves. I ask you be open to new players and those who aren't tactical in everything they do when facing a potential foe. I adjust to the player's knowledge and abilities and we all have fun thru-out the night. Pathfinder (unlike AD&D), it is open content; meaning you can find all you need to join in and play at the following website: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/ Pathfinder has an incredible amount of content, so I highly recommend you approach character building in the following way: What Race do you perceive your character to be and what do you see this character as/doing as an adventurer. If you don't approach it with a concept in your mind, you can get lost in the choices/options fairly easy. Game System: Pathfinder Time Zone: CDT USA (MN) Day of week and time: Sunday afternoons at 12:00 PM Planned start date: August 17th Planned Duration & Frequency: Duration will be about four no longer than five hours, once a week. Term: Long term Roleplay & Combat mix: 30/70 Number of Players in game & needed: 4 playing, 1 vacancies. Character starting level & equipment: Level 6, Max gold and Max HP per level. Two traits and a drawback plus one free trait from the players guide. A copy of the players guide will be provided to those who join the game to assist you in recommendations for adventuring in the Serpent Skull content. Character restrictions: Some classes may be restricted from play due to overshadowing other players in abilities and making it possibly unbalanced. I use the 25 point buy system with no single stat being higher then 16 BEFORE racial modifiers. A very good Point Buy Calculator can be found here: https://pittsburghpfs.com/resources/point-buy-calculator/

Homebrew D&D 5e campaign (Non-AL)

Lodestone Coffee and Games LLC

This campaign is full. This means the event is private. If you are not a regular player to this event, please do not RSVP. We cannot accommodate any more people. This is a continuing D&D 5e campaign, taking place every week on Monday at 6pm at Lodestone. It is a non-AL game with an emphasis on sand-box style events. It is also a homebrewed setting. The campaign takes place on a continent about the size and climate of Australia, with civilized, frontier, and unexplored areas. The map will be filled in as the party explores it. The party has seven regular members ranging from 6th to 7th level. So this event is not accepting additional players but the regular players can still attend even if MeetUp says "wait list". If you are regular player, please RSVP anyway so I will know who and how many people are coming. Any official D&D 5e sources are acceptable. I also allow rangers to use the Unearthed Arcana Ranger, Revised article option. Any other sources may be presented to the DM for approval, and they might be altered to fit within the setting.

AL-Season 10 Rime of the Frostmaiden

Online event

This is the start of a brand new AL Season 10 HC campaign. Sessions will be held weekly on Thursday evenings. Looking for players who are able to commit to a multi-month campaign as this adventure is likely to take around 20 weeks to complete and is intended to get PCs to Tier 3 (around level 10). The game will be run on Roll20 using the Lodestone Discord server for voice (barring technical complications). If/when Lodestone is allowed to host AL night in store again, this game will transition to a weekly, in person event. *Note* This IS a S10 campaign (NOT a historic campaign) and will be making use of the most current rules for AL (current version is 10.3). Season 10 has restrictions on playable character races and includes special character customization rules that are a preview of content being released in the upcoming Tasha's Cauldron of Everything rules book. The Season 10 AL Player's Guide, FAQ, and Content Catalogue can be found on https://dndadventurersleague.org/downloads/

Table 08 - Homebrew - Iric - New Game as of July 2020

Lodestone Coffee and Games LLC

• What we'll do Homebrew D&D, where the players have control of the path they will take. • What to bring Suggested: 2nd level, 5th edition D&D character out of the Player's Handbook or Xanathar's Guide; pen or pencil (unless using an electronic character sheet); and dice. If you have a miniature for your character, bring it along. [Dice and miniature won't be needed until we return to the store.] Please join us on line, using both of the following sites: ROLL20 at: https://app.roll20.net/join/7963090/e6fUtg DISCORD at: https://discord.gg/eV6xBx (go to # rules, for instructions on being assigned the "player" role).

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