• DNewTech

    TechTown Detroit

    Hello DNT community! At the DNewTech meetup, we will be starting with a 30 minute period for networking and following up with 3-5 entrepreneurs pitching/demoing their startup idea. The event is open to tech and non-tech startup founders, funders and followers. Afterward, announcement about community startup events are shared. PIZZA & DRINK will be provided. Our guest speaker will be: • Blake Osecki - Modular Home and Garden SlideStax - Founder Entrepreneurs: 1. Shift Up (www.shiftup.tech/) - Ray Batra - WeWork for learning 2. Drone Science Company (www.thedronescienceco.com) - Kyla Berry - The Drone Science Company's DaVinci Drone model is a STEM-focused, comprehensive, sturdy, educationally priced kit, which requires no additional tools to construct and can be scaled by skill level. Ages 10+ 3. Alto Vista Technology (www.altovistatechnology.com) - Bo Cheng - Powered by an Artifical Intellignce engine, Altovista Technology’s Arx Alert platform provides you a comprehensive way to investigate, report on, resolve and predict incidents – all in one centralized, cloud-based solution. **********And a big THANK YOU to our SPONSOR: ********** KERR RUSSELL (Attorneys and Counselors) 500 Woodward Avenue | Suite 2500 - Detroit, Michigan[masked]https://www.kerr-russell.com/attorney/jeffrey-a-may/