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This Meetup Group was created to promote events for the Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association.

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DORBA 18th Annual Fall Campout & Trail Ride

Solavaca Ranch

What: camping, hiking, and mountain bike trail riding! Making new friends, and spending time with old ones.

When: Arrive Friday November 5th, 2pm or later. Group ride at 10:00am Saturday the 6th. I will stay until 2pm on Sunday the 7th.

Who: anyone who likes to camp and ride bikes. DORBA (Dallas Off Road Bike Assoc), FWMBA (Fort Worth MTB), WMBC (Weatherford MT Club), and the HMTBTR (Waxahachie MTB club) members are welcome, and people who are not members are ALSO welcome. This is a kid friendly event! Vulgar language in front of children is frowned upon.

Where: Solavaca Ranch, Mountain Bike Trail, and Campgrounds: http://solavaca.com just a few miles northwest of Glen Rose Texas (see maps below)

NO DOGS ALLOWED on this working ranch. The beautiful, people-loving, goat herding, Great Pyrenees dogs that live there do not tolerate any dogs. These dogs just might turn out to be your most enduring memory of the whole weekend!

Riding: two excellent trails to choose from: Dinosaur Valley State Park, and at Solavaca Ranch, two of the very best there is in Texas.

New this year: We will split into two groups. One group will start on the difficult loops, and I will lead a group to the easier parts of the Solavaca Trail system.

Camping: Solavaca Ranch (see maps below) There is a Porta-let toilet at the registration/trailhead, and one at the campground. What about showers? I use the 5 gallon Sun Showers sold at Sports Authority and Walmart, but the best ones are at REI. They work GREAT, just hang them up from a tree before your ride and they dispense hot water when you come back from it. I will bring my shower tent and set it up in the woods so anyone can use it for privacy.

Camper Trailers: Last campout the camper trailers outnumbered the tents. There are no hookups. Good opportunity to practice your off grid camping skills. Anything over 24 feet will have to stay near the entrance to the ranch, and not back in the woods with the rest of us.

cost: $15 per person for camping and riding the whole weekend, Friday to Sunday. You are welcome to arrive on Saturday, but the price will not be discounted. If you just come for the day, and dont camp, its $5 per day. Ages 7 and under are free.

who: open to all fun loving people who are considerate of others. No loud music allowed…I love loud music at home, and at rock concerts, but not a campouts… and please keep your voices low after midnight. Bring your acoustic instruments and play for us (don't worry, I am leaving MINE at home).... Or bring your telescope and dazzle us!

Campfire: There will be ONE campfire, and only one campfire. We want everyone to all come together and form one circle and not divide up into cliques around their own campfires. Plus, the landowner (Mack) wants there to be only one fire source to watch out over. You can have your own charcoal fires in a grill at your campsite to cook your food.

Alcoholic beverages: This is NOT a Texas State Park, so you don't have to hide your adult beverages! Yeah! We are adults… we can handle it…. We have never had anyone become drunk and disorderly/obnoxious, so far…. and want to keep it that way.
We will have this campsite all to ourselves.

Caveat Emptor: Neither DORBA, Solavaca Ranch, nor me, is responsible for your safety, your happiness, your food, your health, or anything else. It is all up to you. I am just announcing a little get together for people who like to camp and mountain bike.

Requirements: You must sign two liability waivers. One for DORBA and one for Solavaca Ranch. Please print out this waiver http://files.meetup.com/3841722/NEW-WAIVER.pdf ; bring it with you. You must also wear a bicycle helmet when you ride the trails.

Where: its southwest of Fort Worth. Here is a Google Map

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