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Josh Gertzen presents: Gaining Insights through Big Data Visualization

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Tom Marrs presents: RESTful Security at Work


Gaining Insights through Big Data Visualization:

Our world is under attack. And not just by the usual suspects we always hear about on the evening news, but by data! Buckets full, truckloads, and shiploads of data fill our data centers around the globe. Every day over 2.5 billion billion bytes of data are created. A huge computing challenge facing us over the coming decades lies in figuring out what to do with all that data and how to extract meaningful, actionable information from it.

Thankfully, humans are great at filtering through huge amounts of information! We do it every day with our senses and one of the most powerful senses is sight. Therefore, a key way to derive meaning from all this data is to represent it visually! In this talk, Josh will walk you through a quick overview of big data concepts including a typical big data map reduce code example. He'll then wire up the output of the data into an HTML5 visualization layer and showcase how different insights can be quickly achieved from the same big data set.

RESTful Security at Work

You’ve been working with RESTful Web Services for a few years now, and you’d like to know if your services are secure. Maybe you're new to REST on your project. In any case, you have questions:

• How do I design a secure service?

• Are there any guidelines and best practices?

• What is OAuth and how do I use it?

In this presentation, we’ll cover:

RESTful Web Service Security Best Practices:


• Controlling Access--Authentication/Authorization

• Securing the Payload--Confidentiality & Integrity

• Protecting sensitive data

• Securing the URI

• Whitelisting Methods and Response Types

• Content Validation


• Overview

• Flow and Concepts

Tying it Together

• Integrating REST and OAuth into the enterprise

Security and Common RESTful APIs

• Twitter

• LinkedIn

• Twilio

• Groupon

We will look at a single business problem to secure a RESTful Web Service. Along the way, we'll walk through several well-known RESTful Web Service APIs. Attendees will gain a solid foundation in RESTful Web Service security.