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The Dragons Are Here!

But these are not the Dragons of the old world and reality. These Dragons are of the highest Dimensional Realms, purely of The Light and come with a very sacred and intentional Purpose. If you have been ‘bitten’ by the Dragon bug and this sparks your curiosity; or you have made a connection with these extraordinary Beings and desire to delve deeper as the new information continues to flow in, join Hillary Harris for fire pit gatherings to Connect, Commune and Create with The Dragons of OUR Time!


Known as Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons, Keeper of Dragon Wisdom, and Shaman of Dragon Wizardry and Magic, Hillary has a unique story to tell and a very special relationship with these incredible Heart-centric messengers who have come to partner with us as we navigate through some of the most challenging territory on our RE-volutionary journey - both inwardly and into a very new world.

This group will offer you the opportunity to learn about and share:

- The Dragon Ways and Wisdom
- Their Role and Purpose in coming to our Dimensional space at this unprecedented time
- The New Dragon Frequencies and Wizard Magic
- Their Elemental Connection - and why its critical to making a Connection
- The Powerful Dragon Breathing Techniques for Heart-Fire Connection, Creation and Communion
- How to embrace your own Inner Dragon Nature and unleash your 'Fire and N'ice' Dragon Essence
- The secrets of 'Playing with Fire'
- ... and much, much MORE!

If you feel called to Partner and Fly with The Dragons, or simply learn more and explore the calling of your own Dragon Heart, this is the place to gather and be part of The Dragon Common-Unity.

Hillary, The Dragons § Dragon Realm eagerly await you!

A NEW EVENT COMING SOON! Check back for details!


For more information about Hillary, The Dragons, the DRAGON ENERGY PORTAL and how you can Meet YOUR Dragon!, visit: http://www.ascension360.net/the-dragons/

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