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Run in partnership between 3n Strategy (HR and 'People' Data experts) and Tesseract Academy (social media and sports data experts), we will shortly be announcing a selection of meetup events for our meetup community.

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Upcoming events (4+)

Tricky Tech Topics: Practical Application of Organisational Culture in Tech

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Tricky Tech Topics: Practical Application of Organisational Culture in Tech (Online Event)The Tech industry comes with its own unique opportunities and challenges. Organisational culture is no exception. Although some standard principles can be universally applied across sectors, this seminar unpacks dimensions of organisational culture that are critical within Tech. After participating in this session you will be able to:
identify universal organisational culture principles that apply to your Tech firm; andidentify aspects of organisational culture that is critical to your Tech firm; andidentify links between organisational culture and the measures of your own Tech firm’s success.This event is organised by the Tesseract Academy. We help decision makers grow their businesses through data science and AI.

Who Should Attend
Persons most likely to benefit from attending this lecture series include:
Entrepreneurs and Founders with a technical background who would like to expand their knowledge on essential non-technical aspects of growing a business.Individuals who have an active role to play in the sustainable scaling of a business and would like to do so by building on a healthy organisational culture will find this serious particularly insightful.Series Overview
This specialised lecture series on organisational culture in Tech will help you to understand the cultural aspects of your business that can help or hinder success and growth. You will learn what the key components are in building successful organisational cultures, with an emphasis on talent, diversity and inclusion, and scaling.
We’ll teach you how to start the process of building a healthy organisational culture and why it matters for your employees and your bottom line. We'll introduce you to frameworks for assessing your company's current state on dimensions like resilience, excellence, purpose, and psychological safety. We'll also provide you with some practical measures which you can implement in your organisation.
Who presents
Dr Clif P Lewis is a licensed I/O Psychologist, Chartered HR Professional and published researcher with experience working in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. My progressive experience spans across 15 years and various industries, including the manufacturing-, retail-, higher education-, financial services-, legal services-, social development-, mining-, and energy sectors. Similarly my areas of expertise are diverse in breadth and depth, including fields such as Learning, Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Recruitment, Talent, Employment Law, Psychometric Assessment, Research Design, People Analytics, Governance, Strategy, and Policy.
At LBVC we plan for the long term and we strive to enable our partners to realise their own unique long term goals. We do this by co-creating tailored infrastructures composed of effective standardised processes, governed by compliant policy, and underpinned by robust strategy. No matter how new or small your business, to be successful, the strategy needs to be clearly defined and relevant to the industry and impacting factors. The right employees need to be in the right role, management should operate effectively, and processes need to be reliable.
This event is organised by the Tesseract Academy. We help decision makers grow their businesses through data science and AI.

The importance of data strategy: An event for executives

Needs a location

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Are you a leader, executive or entrepreneur? Learn the and whys and hows of data strategy on this free online event.Are you any of the following?
An entrepreneurWork in a startup or a scale-upA manager in a bigger organisation?If yes, then it is quite likely that sooner or later you are going to have to deal with data science.
As more and more companies adopt AI and data science, it is inevitable that those who don’t are simply left behind. Those who do adopt AI, see massive gains in efficiency.
On this webinar we discuss topics such as:
What is data strategyWhy is it important?What can a company do to best deal with data strategy in the era of big data?This event is organised by the Tesseract Academy. We help decision makers understand data science, AI and blockchain
Who is presenting
Denton Rawson is an entrepreneur and Founder of IOK Digital Ltd, which is a technology and AI consulting firm. With more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He has worked with some of the worlds Top Bluechip organisations in the F100 and F500 at stakeholder level: A proven track record in delivering value for organisations with technology.
He is an active member of the Tesseract Academy, where he currently consults on how Organisations can find value in their data through AI and Data science.

The AI and data science clinic: A free workshop for decision makers

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Are you a decision maker who wants to use data science, but has NO technical skills? This event will help you understand how to adopt AI.Are you a decision maker with no technical skills interested in data science?
Are you thinking to implement data science or AI in your organisation but you are not sure where to start?
Have you approached solution providers, and found them too expensive, or with unclear value propositions?
This free data science/AI clinic is then for you!
Dr Stylianos Kampakis will be leading this free workshop, which will help answer all your data-related questions.
Who is this for?
The event is geared towards non-technical decision makers who are looking for clarity, and actionable insights, instead of more buzzwords and jargon.
Are you any of the following?
CEOFounder/entrepreneurProduct managerManagerThen this event is for you!
Who this event is not for
This event is not for students, academics, etc. or other people who simply want more general information about data science. If that's the case, then please send an email to [masked] to ask any questions you might have.This is not for AI companies, or companies in deep tech, with highly qualified technical peopleWhy so few places?
This is an open session, where anyone can discuss any problems they have. It is difficult to keep a large audience, without degrading the quality of the workshop. This is why we have to restrict attendance to only a few attendees.
This event is organised by the Tesseract Academy. We help decision makers understand and implement data science and AI.

AI and Blockchain for Green Finance and the Circular Economy

Needs a location

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Green finance and the circular economyArtificial intelligence and blockchain technologies have the potential to revolutionise the way we work, travel, relax, and organise our societies and day-to-day lives.
One of the main themes that emerge as great applications of AI and blockchain are the themes o green finance and the circular economy. Green finance (or eco-investing) is a form of socially responsible investing where investments are made in companies that support or provide environmentally friendly products and practices.
One of the most popular practices of green finance is circular economy, where products are being re-used, and recycled.
On this panel, Eleftherios Jerry Floros and Dr Stylianos Kampakis will discuss the role that AI and blockchain will play in these new trends.
Whether you are an entrepreneur, an investor, or a technologist, this is a discussion that you don't want to miss.
About the speaker
Eleftherios Jerry Floros is an accomplished author, speaker and consultant on finance, financial technology, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrency, conscious capitalism, digital disruption, entrepreneurship, future of work and the global economy. He is a contributing author of the following bestselling books: The WealthTech Book, The PayTech Book The LegalTech Book The Artificial Intelligence Book
This event is organised by the Tesseract Academy. We help decision makers understand and implement data science, AI and blockchain.

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