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DSTOQ is a licensed stock exchange. Invest in real-world assets using cryptocurrencies.

We want to enable everyone to participate in economic growth. By removing intermediaries who often create artificial barriers, we seek to make capital markets more accessible to as many individuals as possible.

Global markets are currently designed in a unequal manner that does not afford the same opportunities to every investor or every entrepreneur. The main reasons for this inequality are unequal access to funding and economic policies in certain jurisdictions that limit flows of money. In order to change the world for the better, we need to empower the disadvantaged who have been denied access up to this point. We want to foster fairness, starting with giving entrepreneurs access to funding and individuals the opportunity to grow wealth, especially in emerging markets.

Our goal is to have a sustainable impact on the world by giving everyone the opportunity to profit directly or indirectly from growth. Our tool to achieve this goal is blockchain technology, which is rewriting institutional rulebooks. We are at the heart of the blockchain movement, and are incentivising both financial and economic inclusion. We have built a solid foundation by decentralizing the securities depository and we will keep on working to decentralize what can be decentralised – always having security and our customers’ best interests in mind.

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