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If you care about the quality of food, then join this group to seek #foodjustice for workers. We love all things food and dining out in restaurants, bars, cafes, museums, etc.

Every meetup, we pick a “high road” establishment and dine out. The steps are: 1) Pick a “high road” restaurant; 2) Dine out, 3) Use the Diners Guide App to check into the “high road” establishment.

In the restaurant industry, there are two routes to profitability:
1. The high road: liveable wages, health benefits including paid sick leave, racial equity, and opportunities for advancement.
2. The low road: low-wage jobs, meager benefits and unsafe or even unlawful workplace conditions.

We care which road restaurant owners take. In this group, we choose to only support those who take the high road.

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A Taste of Ethical Eating

Bus Boys and Poets

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