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At the second meetup within the DWF Blockchain Meetup series, we will give a deep insight to the complex relationship of blockchain technology and the GDPR and welcome a range of tech-centric startups to present solutions for privacy-friendly use of blockchain technology. Undoubtedly, the new data legal framework of data protection constitutes a big challenge for blockchain ventures due to allegedly insurmountable systematic conflict arising from the decentralized nature of blockchain systems. However, a range of companies thrive for privacy-friendly solutions for applications using blockchain technology. We are very much looking forward to a vivid discussion on which risks blockchain technology may pose on the one hand, and which chances it offers on the other hand to design privacy-enhancing applications.
Klaus Brisch, global head of technology at DWF, will guide through the session.

Natalie Eichler, DWF
Silvan Jongerius, TechGDPR
Levent Unver, Authenteq
Liz Steiniger, Least Authority

Natalie Eichler is an associate at the DWF office in Berlin specializing in e-commerce, contract and data protection law. Natalie advises companies from the blockchain area on token sales, on the realization of the respective business areas and on shaping blockchain-based business models in compliance with the GDPR. Natalie is co-speaker of the privacy working group of the Blockchain Bundesverband. Natalie will talk about the legal implications under GDPR for the use of blockchain technology.

Silvan Jongerius (CIPP/e, TÜV-Datenschutzbeauftragter) is the CEO of TechGDPR (, a boutique consultancy for GDPR and privacy in Blockchain, AI and IoT. He has spent most of his career in technology leadership positions and has held different c-level roles for international technology educators. He has focused his career on blockchain and other deep tech in 2016 and founded the Berlin x Blockchain network, represented blockchain development company DLT Labs ( as VP for Europe and is advisor to several blockchain projects. Silvan has contributed to different privacy researches and has contributed to EU initiatives on Blockchain and GDPR. He will talk about privacy by design and the application and importance in the context of blockchain.

Levent holds a master's degree in computer science and has led the development of an award-winning product for multiple years. While working with startups, he became an expert in building everything from scratch and has architected several applications. He specializes in relational database design, application-level security, and continuous delivery. His expertise tends to be on the back-end side of projects with Java-related technologies. He is the backend developer of Authenteq GmbH. He will talk about Authenteq’s identity verification service and how blockchain technology is used in this context.

Liz Steininger is the CEO/Managing Director of Least Authority in Berlin, a company supporting people’s right to privacy through security consulting and building secure solutions. Prior, she managed financing for Internet freedom projects at the Open Technology Fund. Liz has over 16 years of experience as a Project Manager, Program Manager and Analyst on numerous tech development projects in both private companies and public organizations. Liz will talk about the payment solution P4. P4 aims to provide an infrastructure for subscription services offering end-to-end private cryptocurrency payments. This protocol introduces periodicity to cryptocurrency payments through an ongoing relationship between the merchant and the customer without unintentionally disclosing personally identifiable information.

Klaus Brisch is partner and the global head of technology at DWF and advises on complex, national and international IT projects, including those focused on outsourcing and migration, technology-based transactions, compliance, IT security, data protection and privacy.