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Global Sisters Share - ONLINE Event for Active Members
The Global Sisters Share is for our active Annual and Life Time Members to get on - connect and introduce themselves. The hour will be spent with you and the other ladies sharing about yourselves and your businesses. These will be held each month and will be limited in numbers so everyone has time to introduce themselves. One of these are gifted to each member, so if you miss this month come on next month. You must come on with video and sound to get the most out of the time as we will be on Zoom. See you there! Diane Rolston DWA Founder and Certified Professional Coach


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What we're about

Calling all Women who are Dynamic! Dynamic Women™ in Action was created by Diane Rolston, a Certified Life and Leadership Coach, International Speaker and Author, to connect women who are creating an impact in their lives, businesses and communities (or those who wish they could do it more!)

Dynamic Women™ in Action events are unique because you get Coaching in Action© from a Certified Professional Coach who leads you through engaging activities to get clearer about what makes you great, things that can help you succeed and the obstacles holding you back. We attract women who are authentic, supportive and believe in personal and professional development.

We believe in building strong relationships that support business and personal growth. Through our events and community, DWA™ provides a great space for women to come and be DYNAMIC, feel connected and get coaching that is a catalyst for change in their lives and businesses

You should join if any of these are true about you:

• you are dynamic (or really hope you could be soon)

• you want to make REAL relationships with other women

• you're sick of having people sell to you in the first 30 seconds of meeting them

• you don't schedule time for yourself (yes that's a bad habit)

• you need to chat with other people who GET what it's like to be a business professional, mompreneur, entrepreneur or small business owner

• you like knowing more about what makes you and others tick

• you need some inspiration, tools, tips, support, motivation

• you're a little curious about what this could do for you, your business and/or your life

Women in our community say that after our events they have the following benefits:

• Have new motivation so you can have GREATER EASE AND ENERGY in your business.

• Get great ideas, which will INSPIRE BREAKTHROUGHS and take you and your business to the next level.

• Share with others who are on their own business journey, so you know others “get it” and you’ll BE INSPIRED by their stories and ideas.

• Through the Coaching in Action© and discussions you’ll discover tangible tools, a solution or even an “AHA” to put into action.

• Experience GENUINE CONNECTIONS rather than superficial conversations so you can be yourself and “ditch your pitch”.

• Create strong relationships with other like-minded women who are more open to getting to know YOU and when we like and trust each other A LOT OF BUSINESS happens naturally!

Come as you are...and join us at our next event!


Diane Rolston

Certified Professional Coach

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