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What we’re about

If you are looking to discover or leverage your greatness, to take the next step in your leadership development, to empower and own your authentic path -- one that aligns with your values your purpose and ultimately your legacy and story -- then you need to attend DYPB events.

WHY: Everyone deserves to own their life, discover their greatness, and leave a legacy
VISION: A world full of motivated individuals who empower themselves and create meaningful impact.

At DYPB events, you’ll have a chance to hear from thought-leaders, high-profile experts and successful entrepreneurs who have mastered their own personal brands, and are eager to help you do the same. You’ll walk away from DYPB events feeling inspired and motivated with a renewed sense of purpose and passion. You’ll learn practical tools and strategies that you can apply immediately in your career, business, and life. But most importantly, you’ll get the clarity you need to craft your own, unique and authentic personal brand that will help you stand out from the crowd, propelling you towards success.

We run the following events:

TORONTO LINKEDIN MEETUPS: DYPB has partnered with Manu Goswami to deliver these bi-monthly #LinkedInLocal events, featuring such amazing content like "Women Breaking Barriers", a debate on "LinkedIn vs. Facebook for Business and Personal Growth", and a keynote by Kirstine Stewart.

WORKSHOPS: We've run deep dive seminars on Uncover Your Greatness (Alexander Michael Gittens), Crafting Your Personal Brand Statement (Bobby Umar), Building a Business & Brand (Manu Goswami)

PANELS: We bring together experts for compelling discussions on the hottest topics of the day including "(Dis)Connection in the Digital Age", "Artificial Intelligence", and "Social Media Authenticity and Vulnerability"

IN-HOUSE TRAINING: Whether you need us to come in and organize a short lunch and learn, a deep dive workshop, or a full day session, DYPB can provide you leading personal branding experts to deliver a customized presentation for your organization or event.

FLAGSHIP CONFERENCE: DYPB - Discover Your Personal Brand is the largest annual conference of it’s kind in North America, bringing together thought-leaders, high-profile experts, and successful entrepreneurs who are passionate about personal branding as a competitive differentiator. We developed this concept because we truly believe that in the world of business and beyond, What Makes You Unique, Makes You Successful. Previous speakers have included Amber Mac, Saul Colt, Vicki Saunders, Jagmeet Singh, Dorie Clark, Sean Gardner, Ron Tite, Sara-Lynn Cauchon, Drew Dudley, Bobby Umar and many more.