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“Da Truth,” was developed by Calvin Garvey. He had a vision to create a forum for adults to discuss their relationship questions freely. He realized that everyone wants to know how to be successful in their relationships and he felt that it was time for someone to “Tell the Truth,” and “Keep it Real.” Calvin discovered that several of his boys and a lot of his female friends had questions about the opposite sex and no one had a vehicle to get the answers that they desperately needed. Thus, “Da Truth,” was born. “Da Truth,” is a place where men and women can find out the answers to their questions and use this knowledge to improve their existing relationships or develop new loving relationships. It is also a place where new ideas and techniques can be discovered so that we can begin to close the communication gap between men and women. We welcome you to “Keep It Real,” and air out your feelings about your relationship dilemmas in a respectful environment. Because at the end of the day, we all want to achieve bliss in our personal relationships and foster love at home.

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