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This week's speaker will be Thomas Frey, Executive Director, DaVinci Institute. The topic will be "Driverless Cars, Teacherless Schools, and Workerless Businesses: Rethinking Life in the Post Employment Era."

While we still haven't officially passed the Turing Test, a test to determine when humans and machines become interchangeable, we are already beginning to feel the impact of computer and machine automation.

A large part of our economy is built on the inefficiency and limitation of humans Even today, most of what we humans do is not so “intelligent” or “special” that machines cannot do it better, faster, cheaper Human kind is on the cusp of perhaps it’s greatest achievement — transfer of nearly all conceivable labor to machines By 2030, over 2 billion jobs will disappear. Jobs will disappear at a faster rate than ever before in human history. But that doesn't mean everyone will be out of work.

Competing WITH robots is far different than competing AGAINST robots. When we add machine skills to the resume of an individual we end up with a far different equation. So the coming decades will be far less about humans competing against machines and far more about how we can leverage them to our advantage.

Machines can become our greatest asset or our greatest liability. It’s up to us to decide.