What we're about

A meet-up dedicated to the proposition that all fathers are created equal--some just become more equal than others.

This is an attempt to bring into the light of day those shy, scruff-faced creatures people read about in the pages of Esquire, The New York Times, Brooklyn Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and GQ: the real stay-at-home fathers of Brooklyn, ex- and current hipsters, entrepreneurs, urban farmers, writers, artists, cheesemakers, musicians, graphic designers, old-timey shoppe owners, burnt-out chefs, poured-dry bartenders, rogue traders and whistleblowers who’ll never work on Wall Street again, tattoo artists, corporate refugees waiting out non-competes, beard-and-moustache stylists, failed mimes, lovers of children all, and all are welcome...

We're looking for some good men* to bring forth their daughters and sons on a regular or semi-regular basis, toss the kids into a big pile at a playground, go on hikes or picnics at the various borough parks, visit cool exhibits at museums around the city, take them out to see music—to take advantage of all the city has to offer a man** and his children. Especially the free stuff.

And if we sometimes end up at a bar enjoying a beer and a bourbon with our babes in arms (not actually sharing the drinks with the kids, nor hanging at a bar with our arms around “babes,” let's just be clear), well then, so be it. It is New York Fucking City, after all.

And this is Brooklyn, first of all.

*Moms welcome too, of course. And really, we welcome all dads--stay-at-home, work-from-home, sometimes-home.

**Or woman. Of course.

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Brooklyn Children's Museum Free Thursday!

Brooklyn Children's Museum

Inaugural Meet-Up and Greet-Up