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Our vision for Dadtrepreneurs is to empower and educate Dads that WANT more than just to create a side hustle for extra money - they want purpose, balance, health and meaningful relationships.

Dadtrepreneurs know they need to create or develop skills like effective networking abilities; healthy and empowering associations; a growth mindset; focus on mental, physical and emotional health; a financial and business plan to gain conviction and much more.

We know that in order to be really successful most want more than money - they know they need to be balanced, fulfilled, wealthy, healthy and happy.

At Dadtrepreneurs, we feel like guys had a run for a long time of “go to work, provide, make money, grind, raise family, don’t complain, collect pension, die”.

We sense a real spiritual awakening occurring, thanks to social media and guys like Gary Vee.

Dadtrepreneurs at heart need a plan, a process, good associations...soo much stuff...but dudes don’t really ask for help.

So whether you're already a business owner, a start up, or MEN with a family trying to create an escape plan from a dead end job - this group is for you.

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