A Leader’s Guide to the Care and Feeding of Agile Teams


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6:00 - 6:30: Networking, food and beverage
6:30 - 8:00: Topic
8:00 - 8:30: Optional Networking

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TOPIC: Many software development managers find the transition to Agile very difficult. The Manifesto for Agile Software Development hardly speaks to the role the leaders play in the agile team’s success. This interactive presentation will provide concrete recommendations for the actions leaders need to take as their role evolves from that of being a manager to being an agile leader. SPEAKER: 'Red' (one of our own!)
William Davidson, known to many as Red, is an Agile Coach consulting at Citigroup in Irving, Texas. He's been writing software for money since 1983 (whoa, that's a long time). He's held many positions (Development Manager, Project/Program Manager, PMO Lead and Scrum Master), receiving awards (Business Development Quality Award for Excellence), written papers & articles, and made over 50 presentations at conferences and user groups. As an Agile Coach, Red helps teams (and their organizations) achieve the benefits of Agile software development.