What we're about

The Business Intellectuals Book Club is an book club dedicated to furthering an intellectual understanding of business and the abstract principles underlying how organizations, people, and products interact within a market environment.

We are primarily an intellectual discussion group. We will try to help you, but also will want to maintain certain boundaries:

1) This group does not exist just to promote your business. We like hearing about cool and exciting things, and we'd like to get to know you, but please be mindful that we're here to talk about exciting and interesting books.

2) This group does not exist to endorse your pet idea. It's great to have ideas, and we love to talk about ideas, but this group exists to explore ideas and even to be humble about these ideas.

3) This group does not exist for your personal stump speech. We're about dialogues, not monologues. We'll love to hear what you have to say, but we'll also need for you to recognize it's a give and take.

4) This group does not exist for the sake of being pretentious. We hope to be honest enough to call the bullshit where it is and to be able to have a relaxed and fun time talking about some classic texts on how the world works.

5) This group does not exist to talk about personal political beliefs or personal religious beliefs. Having a belief system is fine. We're more about a shared space for dialogue on our specific topics.

6) We do exist to discuss the texts we read, to form relationships, and to have a great time while doing this. We do exist to criticize the texts and analyze the arguments. We do exist to be unpretentious and fun while engaging this weighty subject.

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Your Strategy Needs a Strategy by Martin Reeves

Online event

Your strategy needs a strategy focuses on a core issue: we know we need a strategy, so what strategy should we use to decide on the strategy? This is a key issue in an evolving world where small choices can have big downstream impacts.

The book can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Your-Strategy-Needs-Execute-Approach/dp/1531836216

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12 Months to $1 Million by Ryan Moran

Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe

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