Architecting for High Availability and Resiliency

Dallas Cloud Native Meetup
Dallas Cloud Native Meetup
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In our embrace of cloud computing we've learned that anything that can fail, will. In this talk, you will learn the skills you need to create highly-available, resilient cloud applications. You will hear about the core patterns and approaches to high availability at many tiers such as storage, data, compute and networking. Hopefully by the end of the talk, you'll have the understanding and hands-on experience needed to architect and deploy applications that stay online under almost any circumstance.

Richard Seroter is the VP of Product Marketing at Pivotal, an 11-time Microsoft MVP for cloud, an instructor for developer-centric training company Pluralsight, the lead editor for cloud computing, and author of multiple books on application integration strategies. As VP of Product Marketing at Pivotal, Richard heads up product, partner, customer, and technical marketing and helps customers see how to transform the way they build software. Richard maintains a regularly updated blog ( on topics of architecture and solution design and can be found on Twitter as @rseroter