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We are a fun 2 part group. Fitness buddies that want to be social too! So we combined what we like doing, riding our bikes around and doing pub crawls or other social events with our friends. We are not professional road racers. Some of us are semi serious rider and some just ride for fitness and fun. We are a group of mostly 45+ year olds that just want to have fun and enjoy life to it's fullest. We welcome all ages, but prefer 40 to 70 year olds that feel like they're 30 again. We also mountain bike, destination travel, do triathlon's, swim, hike, kayak, camp and more.


Our rides will be around the DFW area on all types of paved trails and roads. Typically, the organized rides will be an hour or two, depends on the group; and the pace is leisurely to moderate. If you are a racer, you may get bored because we are a social cycling group that may enjoy talking and laughing as we ride together but we try to have options for various different levels of riders. We are always looking for people to schedule rides in McKinney, Allen, Plano, Fort Worth, Irving, Arlington, Garland, Dallas, Grapevine, and Wylie.



We have rides that are mostly social where we have dinner or parties as part of the event and rides that we just have some food and drinks after an good ride. We will try to keep the group active with 2 or 3 meetups each week. If you apply to join, we just ask that you participate at least once a month and volunteer occasionally to plan the rides.


This is has singles, couples and married persons that just want to meet new friends that have something in common through cycling and social events.

While this is an adult Meetup and many of our events are strictly for adults, your teenagers are welcome on our ride, if you believe they can keep up and be respectful of our members and policies. Most of our events end at a bar or restaurant, so please take that into consideration when bringing pre-teens or young children to an event. We ask that you respect everyone's limited "Adult" social time when you're considering bringing your pre-teens or young children to one of these social events.

We have grown this group with a dedicated purpose of inclusion and friendly adult socialization opportunities. We are very excited to meet everyone and want you to feel like this is a fun group that you want to do things with over time. So join now and we look forward to sharing some fun times with you.

Ride Pace Groups:

Social Pace: 8-12 mph average

Intermediate Cardio Pace: 13-15 mph average

Faster Cardio Pace: 15-17 mph average


Profile Photos: We are foremost a social group and with over 800 members, it is impossible for everyone to know everyone else. Please make sure your membership profile picture accurately represents your current look so those of us with aging memories can use your photo as a cheat sheet to put together names and faces, both before and during the events. Also, if we lose you at White Rock Lake, off the Sylvan Street Bridge, or next year in Italy, we'd like to have a representative photo to show the local authorities and the search parties (this is not the kind of party we want).

While puppies, armadillos, kids, groups, and flowers are cute, unless you actually look like a puppy...

Below is a quick quiz to illustrate why we need a good profile picture. Out of our current members' profile photos, which person would you recognize if they were standing next to you?


Rides: If you know of some good rides, runs, hikes, camping, bowling, or other please make suggestions. We plan to ride areas near our members.

Please check out the Polls (https://www.meetup.com/Dallas-Cycling-Trail-Riders-and-Weekend-Pub-Crawlers/polls/) and Discussions (https://www.meetup.com/Dallas-Cycling-Trail-Riders-and-Weekend-Pub-Crawlers/messages/boards/), so we can fine tune our trail selections and ride times.


* Legal Disclaimer: As a condition of your voluntary participation in the group, you hereby release and discharge "Dallas Cycling Trail Riders and Pub Crawlers" and it's Organizers from any and all claims, demands, damages, or liabilities arising from injury to your persons or property. HELMETS ARE REQUIRED TO BE WORN ON ALL RIDE EVENTS. Lights - front and rear are required on all night time rides. By voluntarily joining this group you accept the terms. We reserve the right to change these terms at anytime without notice.

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Halloween Ride 2021

Steve and Lisa's House

Our annual Halloween ride with trick or treat stops along our 10 mile route for grown up "treats". Afterwards food, more drinks, conversation around the firepit, and Halloween music and dancing.

Monday Madness

Parking lot

Welcome to Monday Madness. We will ride the SOPAC Trail which is an out and back ride and is 5.5 miles out and 5.5 miles back, this is a great trail to judge improvements in riding as it is for the most part a straight-line trail with minimal obstructions. Afterwards the White Rock Alehouse & Brewery for beer, food, and socializing there is no indoor dining on this event and let us adhere to COVID-19 safe practices. The Pace is 10-14 mph no drop ride at first with an expected distance of 11 miles. We roll out of the White Rock Alehouse parking lot at 7:00 pm. I would like to make this an every Monday event. As with all rides HELMETS ARE REQUIRED IN ORDER TO RIDE WITH THIS GROUP, THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. PLEASE RSVP IF ATTENDING THE ALEHOUSE AFTER THE RIDE so we can tell waitstaff how many to expect and change your RSVP if you cannot attend. If you have any Questions or concerns, please contact Maurice. Remember “We like People to have fun but Safety First “So bring lights, locks, water, helmet, spare tube, bike repair kit, money, and masks.

Taco Tuesday Ride

Location visible to members

Taco Tuesday is back! We will have two pace groups if we have enough people. One on the trail 10-12 pace about 10-15 miles. One on the road 13-15 or 15-17 depending on who shows up. Afterwards Mexican food and drinks at Torchy’s . This will be a weekly event until the time changes back again. We will alternate starting at different taco place each week until the temps get too cold.

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Taco Tuesday Ride Richardson Edition

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