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This is a group for designers seeking a community for creative outlet. All skill levels are welcome, we just ask that you bring a passion for creativity along with your computer. We will meet, discuss a project idea, creativity and innovation exercises, and then spend time jamming out some creative solutions to book covers, album artwork, web interfaces, or whatever suggestions the community brings to the table.

Thank you to Capital Factory +The DEC for sponsoring event space in 2019 for Dallas Design Jam. Capital Factory (http://capitalfactory.com) is the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas. They meet the best entrepreneurs in Texas and introduce them to their first investors, employees, mentors, and customers.

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Design Conversation with Aristotle's Cafe

Online event

A place and time for designers to have engaging communication. By joining this event you should expect a prompted discussion about design topics suggested by other attendees.

No slides, no pressure. Just conversations that matter.

Our lead facilitator for the evening will be Hassan Ghiassi. Hassan is the Founder of Aristotle's Cafe and has worked for over a decade to design a format that brings people together to have discussions that matter. He's made a major impact with over 300 facilitators trained globally, over 1,000 facilitated discussions in person and virtually, and he's even had the chance to sit down with over 10,000 people to talk about some of life's most important subjects. To learn more check out www.aristotlescafe.com or have a look at his TEDx Talk here: http://bit.ly/ted-hassanghiassi

RSVP to reserve your spot in an evening with Aristotle's Cafe. Space will be limited to 60 signups.

A preview of the evening;
First, turn your webcam video on. Grab a drink and headphones. And bring an open mind to share.
Next, We’ll vote on a question each person has submitted to the group.
Then we’ll discuss the prompt by only building on what someone has said. This conversation will only move forward with direct responses.

Expect to have deep connections with the people on the call in both large and small groups.

Room Rules for the Evening
*Come with an open mind and willingness to learn*
*Be punctual, we will start on time right at 6:30 PM CST*
*Join Zoom with your video on and microphone enabled*
*All perspectives and opinions are valid.*
*We will remove any behavior that could be seen as toxic.*

If you can no longer attend the event please remove your RSVP on Meetup so that we can open space for people to be present.

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Design Conversation with Aristotle's Cafe

Online event

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