What we're about

This group is for those who want to learn web development, but either can't afford nor take time off from work to attend expensive coding boot camps in person or online.
Our goal is to help you earn Freecodecamp’s Responsive Web Design certificate. This will be a weekly group where we dive into building 5 projects in order to pass and receive the certificate. The projects are the following:
· Build a Tribute Page
· Build a Survey Form
· Build a Product Landing Page
· Build a Technical Documentation Page
· Build a Personal Portfolio Web page

In each class, we hope an instructor onsite will explain each project by featuring a sample web site and explain what each of the requirements are in each project.

In addition, participants are strongly encouraged to go over curriculum sections of Freecodecamp’s Responsive Web Design certification in the link below. Whatever questions you have can be asked at the meeting and start applying to your web design project.


When are we starting?

Saturday afternoon starting in early October. The date is subject to change. If it changes it will be posted here. The venue will still TBD but if you know a great place to hold an event without breaking the bank at all, any suggestions will be welcomed.

Who are we looking for?
First of all, we are seeking multiple experienced web/software developers, who are available on Saturdays for few hours to help us learn what you already know and do at work everyday. If you have done freecodecamp's certification in the past, that will be helpful.

Motivated students of all ages interested in learning and developing web design skills for new job opportunities.

Upcoming events (1)

Responsive Web Design Certification Meeting-Vol.2

NōD Coworking

Our first meetup was tremendous success! Thanks again to those who attended last Saturday. Our second meetup will take place again in 2 weeks. We hope to review "Build a Tribute Page" project while starting on "Build a Survey Form" project. This should give those who attended last Saturday as well as those who wanted to attend but didn't/couldn't plenty of time to review and complete "Build a Tribute Page" project before the next Meetup. Please make sure to start working on FreeCode Camp's Responsive Web Design project by going to their website below: https://learn.freecodecamp.org/ If you missed the meetup last Saturday, please also look at Cheryl Hartman's note below to keep up with those who attended last Saturday: https://cherylhartman.wordpress.com/fcc-notes/responsive-web-design/tribute-page-project/?fbclid=IwAR2vMKVyXZOz2GctlkBxTJvXgPOZtzkNfXiRGaxzR8ayaa8sgGBSDA8aRxM Cheryl Hartman, who is an admin for freecodecamp Dallas Facebook group, and have completed Responsive Web Design projects herself will lead and offer her advice on how to do each projects. We are also seeking experienced members, who already works in the industry or has completed Freecodecamp certification in the past and wants to volunteer to help us out. Please note the following: Event location/time is subject to change. If any changes are made including cancellation, we will inform you on this page ASAP. The maximum number of attendees of ourNoD Coworking meeting room is 15. While we expect those who signed up to attend, please remove your name ahead of time to accommodate others. If we outgrow the meeting room, we will find a suitable conference room going forward. Any suggestions for future venues will be welcomed.

Past events (1)

Responsive Web Design Certification Meeting-Vol.1

NōD Coworking